Video on Demand

ส่งต่อไฟล์วิดีโอของคุณไปยังผู้ชมทุกที่ ทุกเวลา ได้ทั่วโลก

ByteArk Video on Demand  system let you watch your video in a way like Youtube and Netflix which could help you create a the best video on demand solution without worries for Storage or Network as our ByteArk Storage Cloud support’s Amazon S3 Protocol which would help you develop web or application which could help you connect to the system easily. ByteArk also support video on demand streaming by using HTTP protocol like HTTP progressive streaming HLS or MPEG-DASH.


วิดีโอของคุณจะไม่สะดุด การรับชมจะไหลลื่นบนทุกที่

Progressive Download

Stream smoothly without stutter on all platform.

We processes videos by partitioning it into different parts, be it short or long video , there would be no problem when you are streaming or seeking to anywhere in the video.

Hot Link Protected

Protect your video by using Secure URL

Prevent the illegal distribution of your video to the hot link system by using Signed URL techniques which will generate new links of your video everytime there is a request and you can also set an expiry date to your link.

Transcoder Ready

Transcoding Services for websites

ByteArk’s Qoder is a service which will help you convert your files to a streaming format suitable to majority of the devices in the market and automatically save it on ByteArk cloud storage which it can be distributed through ByteArk CDN or even give you the stream link which all you need to do is paste it on your website.

Video Transcoder Service

We provide transcoding services for video that needs to be used on the website by high performance farm system.

Broad Format Support

We support all format of the original files , all you need to do is upload your original video and the system will automatically transcode your files.

HD and SD Versions

We also provide multi resolution support for different internet speeds and devices and these videos can be encrypted very easily.

CDN Delivery

Your video would be ready the moment you have connected to your systems which will help to provide a better content viewing experience for your audience.

Usage Estimation Calculator

ByteArk Videos Transcoder will calculate the estimation from the number of video uploaded, video duration and number of times viewed . The price will be calculated according to your real time usage which is our uniqueness compared to other companies that provides the same services


  • Videos will be calculate in 3 resolution which is 360p,480p and 720p. The most popular viewed is 480p
  • Transcoding services does not include the 0.5 baht/min/video rate as this is a one time payment