Scale as you load

ByteArk system will help accelerate your system without you investing in more servers

Full Control

Ease of usage which is run through the web interface will help you navigate around easier than ever and you can access it anywhere any time and all the contents is yours.

High Performance

We have the state of the art server which has been calibrated to it’s utmost efficiency and furthermore it supports IP Anycast and Geolocation Routing.

Reliable & Secure

Users will be able to access the nearest server which is placed all over the world and package transfer will be done through secure protocol which is up to modern security standards.

Developers & APIs

We are very concern about developers friendly application and we also supports S3 Compatibility which means we also supports 3rd party application.

Data Transfer
Published Videos
Minutes Streamed

File Distributor

Be it game files, game patches , pictures , we will help you deliver your file further.

Instant Purging – We will make sure that your user will get the latest file as we will automatically purge your old files.

Realtime Analytics – We also provide a analytics system which will help you make important decisions and find your target customer.

Throughput – Be it big file or small file we will send your file to your user without fail and there will be no incomplete file downloaded.

RESTful API – Support connection through SDK for all computing language which will help you in connecting and managing your bucket with ease.

Video on Demand Platform

We store your video on our cloud systems which will help you stream your video from anywhere

Video Publishing – Manage your video easily from anywhere with our video management system which can be accessed through the website and the ownership of the video is still all yours.

Farm Encoder – We have a server farm which specialized in video encoding which will convert your video into mp4/hls format for live streaming.

Security – Our security features will make sure that your video can be shown to only who you want to show it to , we also support watermark , hotlink protection and geo-block location to prevent undesired viewers.

Analytics – We will keep statistics and records of the lows and high of your video so that you will know what kind of show your audience.

Live Streaming Platform

Broadcast your video to your audience.

Origin Peering – You do not need a large link , all you need is just point your stream to us and we will distribute it to all our edge node which is scattered all over the continent which will increase your overall bandwidth.

Live Transcoding – Multi-Bitrate support is enabled in HLS and MPEG-DASH format which means that all device are supported.

Realtime Analytics – You can check your stats real time during your stream.

Geo-location Restrict – You can block your stream by using our features to prevent undesired audience from viewing your stream.


Accelerate your website by caching your website on our servers

Save Bandwidth – Help to reduce your server load as your load will distributed evenly to our edge server.

Social Network Connected – Assist in improving outbound connection speed to overseas be it facebook or google.

Encryption – Every Byte which run through HTTPS/2 and compressed to deliver to your user with bandwidth optimizing technologies.

CMS Integrations – Be it wordpress , Drupal , Joomla or Magento , you will always be able to integrate our CDN into your website through CMS plugins.

Video Player

Create revenue from your video without using services like YouTube

Smart Fallback HTML5 & Flash – All devices are supported be it old or new , it will be able to stream your video.

Pre roll, Mid-roll, End-roll Ads – Support advertisement for timing in the video which will be playable on your video.

Standard Ads Protocol Support VAST and VPAID advertisement which is a standard adserver protocol.

Google DFP Support – Support advertisement management system to make it easier to manage and insert your own advertisement or other company advertisment to earn revenue.

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